Introducing BLOOM Magazine

“So, what do you do for a living?” It’s a question I get so often, and every time it trips me up. How do I even begin to capture it all, how can I make sense of it in under 30 seconds which, to be honest, is still longer than the person wants to listen.

We are Ophelia’s Place. We are Circles of Change. We are Cafe at 407. Each part unique, and all part of one whole.

Ophelia’s Place is where it began, it was born in response to an eating disorder epidemic that was going largely ignored. It served as a place for community, for safety, and for healing. The doors were opened and the people started coming, and coming, and coming. We grew, we moved to a larger location, we developed a partnership with a treatment center and built a solid ground of support.

Then we thought, we need a place of community, and a revenue stream, and we opened Cafe at 407. Not only is it the single greatest financial contributor to Ophelia’s Place, but it also erases the line in the sand that so often excludes the mental health community.

Now we had treatment, support, community, and sustainability, and we had the opportunity to press into the vision that had been there since the beginning, prevention.

We knew that if we really wanted to make an impact and participate in long-term healing for individuals struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating, we needed to change the culture and conversation around health, beauty, and body image. Circles of Change is the movement aimed at making that change.

Cafe at 407 and Circles of Change are extensions of Ophelia’s Place. They have a mission and vision in their own right, but they come back to the same heart.

See, that’s a lot to squeeze into 30 seconds…. So we decided not to.

BLOOM is where the three voices of Ophelia’s Place can come together and be heard as one. It is unlike any magazine out there. It is published completely through the work of volunteers, and is a place where the communities of these three branches of this organization can come together and share their stories.

We hope you enjoy it!

BLOOM will be published quarterly, and you can read for free or download at