Change the Conversation


Change Your Own Conversations: 

It truly is remarkable, how much time and energy we put into bashing ourselves and our bodies. We do it when we look in the mirror in the morning. We do it when we eat that second bowl of ice cream or when we see someone who's outfit we deemed infinitely superior to our own. We decide all the time that things are good or bad; we are good or bad; food is good or bad. The truth is that we are wonderful and awe-inspiring. 

  • Let's change the conversation by first changing our own conversations.
  • Let's choose to tell ourselves 3 compliments when we look in the mirror in the morning. Let's choose to get rid of the clothes that don't fit.
  • Let's remind our friends and family that they are stunningly gorgeous when they begin body-bashing. Let's remember what power we have in our words, and let's use them to bless and not to curse. 

Your Story: 

Have you ever really wondered, what makes you, you? Have you ever questioned why you refuse to wear tank-tops or why the feeling of sea-salty hair makes you feel more beautiful than any amount of make-up ever could?

  • Take a day, take a morning, or even take an hour.
  • Think about your own story.
  • Think about what makes you, so beautifully and wonderfully you.
  • And if you can, share it. Write a blog, paint your favorite memory, make poetry and send it to one of your childhood friends. You story matters. People are longing to hear it. 

Host an Event: 

Get your friends, or family, or co-workers together and host an event for Circles of Change.

  • Instead of paying to go to the movie, you could get some friends together, watch Miss Representation and donate the price of your movie tickets to Circles of Change.
  • If you are in charge of a business or community group, consider giving back or getting involved locally.

It Happens in the Little Things: 

If all that you can do is, buy a t-shirt, share a Facebook post or simply choose to allow yourself an hour of true authentic rest today, that is enough. That is where change happens, in the most mundane and seemingly insignificant parts of our day.