Did you know that 54% of women would rather be run over by a truck than be fat? 

This might be reality now, but it's not inevitable. Together we can change this culture. 

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Become a Warrior or join the 100 Warriors Project. 

become a warrior:

Warriors for Change is community of advocates dedicated to creating a world free of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction, so that all people, regardless of body shape and size, can be empowered to reach their full potential, and do what they feel called to do in the world.

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100 Warriors Project:

100 Warriors are agents of change from all walks of life who choose to take action by turning their financial capital into social capital through supporting the work of Ophelia’s Place on a monthly basis. This financial support is critical to changing the culture and conversation by supporting:

  • Weekly support groups 
  • Monthly workshops for friends and family
  • Symptom cards
  • 'Every Body is Beautiful' clings being put up across the country
  • Education for 'first-responders' 
  • Empowerment and education for college and high-school aged students. 
  • Connecting and referring individuals to life-saving treatment 
  • Cooking classes for those who are struggling
  • Prevention and awareness. 


Donate to Ophelia’s Place on a monthly basis, at any level, and become one of our 100 Warriors.

Meet the Warriors:

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We stand in solidarity and say that this oppressive culture of body-shaming and dieting is not the culture that we want.