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In order to change the culture and conversation around health , beauty and body image, we must first start with ourselves and then within our own circles of influence. We believe this is how change happens. Circles of Change is about community. It's about empowerment. It's about transformation.

Become a warrior for change: 

Below we have some ideas for ways you can become an agent of change, but these are just our ideas. Feel free to let your imagination soar. Think about your community, about your family, about your life and what they need. Within your own circle of influence, you can be a warrior for change. 

get started:

  • Take the Pledge!
  • Whether it is a conversation, a dinner, or an event, we would love to hear about how you're engaging with Circles of Change.
  • Use the hasthag #circlesofchange on your social media. 
  • Take pictures and tag Ophelia's Place 
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  • Tell us how it went! Email us at [email protected]

*Please be mindful of the messages and language in your communication. Circles of Change is not about dieting, weight-loss, body shaming and does not replace clinical care. It is about empowerment, nurturing positive conversation and cultivating safe community.